Court Rentals.

Wooly’s courts can be rented for $25 an hour for pick up play or $50 an hour for parties.


Please email us at to book parties. 

Online court rentals can only be booked 30 days out.


Do you provide volleyballs or do we need to bring our own?
We have balls here that we provide, but you are welcome to bring to your own.

Do you have a lost and found?
We try to do our best to make sure lost items get back to their rightful owners. Unfortunately not everything gets found or brought to us. As a result we cannot be responsible for lost property.

Why do I need to cancel/reschedule my reservation more than 48 hours in advance to qualify for a full refund?
By creating your reservation, you make it impossible for someone else to book the same date and time. Most bookings happen a week or more in advance of the desired time. As a result it can be difficult to get the court time re-booked. 48 hours gives us a little time to try and get the reservation re-booked.