Spring I Leagues start February 17

Wooly’s Beach hosts leagues year round for multiple divisions.

2020 Leagues

Winter: January 6 
Spring I
: February 24 – New start date, league pushed back 1 week due to weather cancellations in Winter Beach.
Spring II: April 
Summer I
: May 
Summer II
: July 
Fall I
: September
Fall II: November 


League Divisions

Recreational/Social: Basic understanding of the game and out to have a good time.  Limited skills but but unlimited enthusiasm. Great for corporate teams.
Intermediate: Understands the game and has some skills but not consistent.  Moments of greatness.
Advanced: Some strong skills and experienced.


2s: Doubles leagues will be Men’s, Women’s or Coed.
4s: Must contain at least one female.  Any combination of players is allowed as long as one female is on the court in all games.
*See current league registration for divisions offered.



Early League: Earliest start time 6:30 or 7:20pm
Late League: Earliest start time 7:20pm or 8:10pm
Start times depend on the number of teams in a league. See start times below for current leagues.


League Fees

$70 Per Player
2s: $140 Per Team
4s: $280 Per Team
6s: $420 Per Team

What You Get

All teams advance to playoffs
League tees (team captain selects color)

1st Place Team: Backpacks, Official AVP Wilson Volleyball or Gift Cards
2nd Place Team: Hats, Tees, Beach Towels, Sand Socks

League Rules

Facility Rules & General League Rules
Rules for Beach Doubles



#1 Select your day and division below (see details and registration below)
#2 Complete the online registration and list all members of your team
#3 Pay the league deposit to hold your spot
#4 Give team members your team name (4s & 6s only) and have them pay their part online
#5 Know your schedule & show up on game days! (schedules will be posted here once registration closes)


Spring I: Mondays
Early League
Women's 2s

7/7 Monday: Women's 2s

Mattie Snyder & Bethany Taylor
Katy Zamesnik & Veronica Nicholls
Lauren Ponce & Eli Quiroz
Katie Corbell & Christina Quezada
Naomi Orians & Kerry Peden
Shannon Stewart & Katy Zmesnik
Nicole Glass & Bonnie Erlbacher

Spring I: Mondays
Late League
Coed 2s

6/6 Monday: Coed 2s

Katy Zamesnik & Ian Lee
Lauren Ponce & Dan Debalski
Sean Runge & Bethany Taylor
Kylee Smith & Aaron Kaufman
Mike Zawistowski & Megan Wallace
Justin Nykiel & Caitlyn Oligney

Spring I: Tuesdays
Early League
Coed 4s

7/7 Tuesday: Coed 4s

Exploding Lasagna (Katie, Jarred, Cam, Robert )
Most of Us Like Balls Strikes Back (Christina, Jared, Daniel, Tico)
Volley Llamas (Ajay, Nicole, Pam, Dwanye)
BANGARANG! (Jeff, Camille, ___, ___)
Blockmanity (Heath, Mary, Jason, Gabby)
Guava Spike (Jerry Joe, Anne, Mitchelle, Janina)
Jay is a Scrub (Colby, Jay, Mark, Angela)

Spring I: Tuesdays
Late League
Coed 2s

7/7 Tuesday: Coed 2s

Katy Corbell & Jarred Corbell
Katy Zamesnik& Robert Seekford
Lauren Ponce & Nick Berry
Christina Quezada & Jared Williams
Sean Runge & Mattie Snyder
Kylee Smith & Christian Harbour
Jeff Jocoy & Camille Carpenter

Spring I: Wednesdays
Early League
Coed 4s

7/7 Wednesday: Coed 4s

How I Set Your Mother (Moffat, Ross, Shelby, Ahsan )
Here for the Exercise (Luke, Meghan, Rafael, Mary)
Bangin Balls (Brad, Alex, Erik, Adrian)
Sandersons (Luke, Josh, Nate, Taylor)
Set-sy and We Know It (Nick, Lindsay, Scott, Molly)
Escape the Children (Edward, Autumn, Kenton, Ally)
Here Kitty Kitty (Kat, Davenn, Mike, Michelle)

Spring I: Wednesdays
Late League
Coed 2s

6/6 Wednesday: Coed 2s

Kat Brooks & Mike Randall
Luke Thomas & Meghan White
Taylor Frank & Nathan Anderson
Jeff Guidry & Amanda Bakken
Tin Nguyen & Haley Ng
Nick Berry & Lindsay Berry

Spring I: Thursdays
Early League
Men's 2s

6/6 Thursday: Men's 2s

Sean Runge & Dan Debalski
Jim Hansen & Chris Hansen
Christian Harbour & Nick Berry
Mike Zawistowski & Brandon Rodriguez
Juan Diaz & Miguel Diaz
Kevin Hawes & Kyle Byrd

Spring I: Thursdays
Late League
Coed 2s

5/6 Thursday: Coed 2s

Sean Runge & Katie Zamesnik
Lauren Ponce & Nick Berry
Chase Campbell & Kaleigh Day
Ajay Kanji & Nicole Glass
Kyle Wickert & Eli Quiroz

Individual Pay

Team registration must be completed by the Team Captain before team members can pay individually. If your team has completed team registration you can pay individually here.

Spring I Individual Pay: HAVE A TEAM


Need a Team?

You can also sign up as an individual and we can put you on a team. Register as an individual and select the leagues you are available to play in.

Spring I Individual Registration: NEED A TEAM - CLOSED

Winter League Schedules

Winter: Tuesdays
Early League
Coed 2s: Intermediate
Winter: Wednesdays
Early League
Coed 4s: Intermediate
Winter: Thursdays
Early League
Coed 2s: Intermediate